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We are to shine brightly in this dark world and lead many to righteousness!


This was posted on Kay Arthur’s Facebook page and Twitter this morning.  As a believer, I know what Kay is communicating but as a cynic, I know how the world perceives this kind of talk.

If I were to walk into a room of unsaved people and announce that I should lead them all to righteousness, what would be their response?  I imagine a few dirty looks, a few smirks, some rolled eyes and from those who know me every day, I would hear uproarious laughter.  Who am I to call myself righteous or to lead anyone else to righteousness?

It’s not even easy for some believers to understand this concept but it is true.  I am righteous…but only in God’s eyes.  I can’t behave righteously, perfect, without blemish, without spot, awesomely or amazingly without Covenant.  God made a promise.  A pact.  A testament.  A contract.  He said that if I believed Him and understood and accepted this contract, He would make me blameless and righteous.  He would justify me…prove my right to be holy.   It’s the same for everyone…me, you, your children, your parents, your friends…everyone.  No one is bigger or better or more praised or more righteous or more blameless than anyone else.  We are all equal and we all need Him to find us righteous.  Why?  Because this world is ending.  It’s been said for many generations that the world is at its end.  But never is that more true than based on what we see happening in our world today.  The time is coming when our Creator will find us righteous or unrighteous and we will enter eternity.  The righteous will live forever in perfect paradise.  The unrighteous will suffer greatly forever and that is a horrid thought.

Do not look to other believers as your only example of Christ.  The only One who sees us as perfect is the One who made the way for us to be found that way.  God sent a part of Himself, a perfect being to suffer and yet not sin, to shed blood for our justification.  Jesus, the Christ, the Messiah, the Way, the Light, the Truth is our Justifier and only through Him are we reconciled to God.  There is no other way.  God, the perfect being, the Creator and Author of life, humbled himself to become man (Jesus) and offered a new Covenant with us.  That if we believe and confess that Jesus is Lord (Master of us and all of creation which is who He says He is), our past, present and future sins are forgiven and we are made righteous and blameless because we receive His Holy Spirit.  It’s that Spirit that guides us, convicts us when we need to change our behavior or thinking and enables us to please Him.

He gave us His word and as followers of a Holy God, we need to know Him and His character.  We need to learn all we can about Him and as we grow in that knowledge, we become more and more like Him in our actions toward others.  Every single one of us is still learning.  Not one person has ‘arrived’.  So let’s be patient and loving toward one another as we grow.