You may have experienced unworthiness in your own church or group but is that the experience God wants for you?  People can be pretty high and mighty in any circumstance but should that be happening at church too?

I have a friend who knew the Lord was calling her to serve in her church.  Her obedience to Him was driven by her love for Him, not her personal ambition and so she answered the call.  Yet, what of “Suzie” over there who has a degree from Bible college and is trained for teaching Sunday school?  What about “Martha” over there who is trained to lead VBS and so she does it every year?  But what about God’s desire?  Does He use the “unworthy” or the “untrained”?

Of course He does!  As a matter of fact, I would dare say that those of us who HAVE to depend on Him to lead because we do not have training are often the very ones He wants to use.  When every step we take is directed by Him, we don’t get in His way.  Our own ego doesn’t become a factor and that’s when He works miracles.

How many times did He prove that to us in the Scriptures?  Abraham, Moses, David, Peter….Israel.  He most often uses the smallest of us to accomplish His greatest miracles. So be encouraged, while leaning on Him, that you are exactly what He wants for the job. If you weren’t, you would not be compelled to do it.

Even though one might have experience or the job just needs to be filled, God may be waiting on someone less qualified.  Keep that door open until His other faithful servant chooses to obey the calling.  He loves all of His children and desires to teach each of us in His own timing.

If He has called you, He will equip you.  That’s really all we need to know. We don’t need to know how, when or why?  It is His miracle after all, not ours.  He’ll see  that it’s done perfectly according to His will.

Just a note to those who were studious and got their degree:  Thank you!  You answered God’s calling for your life.  He has a purpose for that education and He will use you the same as He will use those of us who were not called to go to Bible college.  Let us encourage one another to grow and learn in the Lord.  Just remember that real leaders…lead.

Sometimes leading is best done by simply encouraging someone.