Or are you disillusioned with both political parties?  I am but I do consider myself a Republican and here’s why…

The Democrat Party is not an option.  It’s not what it used to be in some ways and even worse in others.  Today’s Democrat is destructive and socialist.  The Constitution means nothing.  The thing that made America so great and so envied around the world was freedom.  Not today and it’s given away readily by those who want every country in the world to be the same.  Do you want to be the same as Iran?  Pakistan?  Russia?  England?

  1. Rampant violation of the Constitution and Bill of Rights
  2. Ever larger government that intrudes on and destroys personal freedom
  3. Growing welfare recipient list
  4. Approving illegal immigration
  5. Out of control and wasteful spending
  6. Sending arms and ammunition to our enemies
  7. Targeting of groups that disagree with socialism for harassment and fines
  8. Illegal spying of private citizens via the internet, medical and bank records

The list goes on and on and continue to grow daily.  The atrocities of this current administration is mind-blogging.  The current scandals of the Benghazi murders, IRS targeting, silencing Christians and promoting Islam and all the others is shameful to America.  But the atrocities of years gone by are bad enough.

  • Founders of the KKK who targeted blacks and white republicans for voter intimidation and murder
  • Founders of Planned Parenthood whose goal (when established and obviously still is) is to target blacks for abortions.  Genocide.
  • Jim Crow Laws and The Black Code which limited the civil rights of blacks
  • Fought the Civil Rights Act which mandated their freedoms and desegregation

There’s more.  Today’s Democrat Party is more of the same than people think.  The goal is still the same….to enslave the black community to the government via welfare and dependence.


The Republican Party, the party of Abraham Lincoln, Frederick Douglas and Martin Luther King Jr., has sought freedom for all citizens regardless of skin color.  Republicans have fought the fought and walked the walk.

  1. Everyone is equally entitled to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness
  2. Everyone has the right to privacy and government should not interfere with those rights
  3. Legal immigrants and those fleeing persecution in their country are welcome here.  Illegal immigrants cost citizens a lot of money every year and that isn’t fair to them.  Most Republicans believe that an overhaul of our immigration laws needs to be done.
  4. When we say “secure the borders” we aren’t trying to keep good people out.  We’re trying to protect the good people in America from criminals who come here to commit further crime.  It is a national security risk to keep open borders so that our enemy (terrorists) do not walk through with open arms.
  5. We want individuals to be all that they can be.  Able bodies need to contribute not simply because they need to pay their own way but because it gives a sense of satisfaction and pride to accomplish something.  Living on welfare breeds low self-esteem.  Maintaining and excelling at a job or career boosts esteem and gives one a sense of power over their circumstances.
  6. Republicans do not oppose helping those in need at all.  Our Constitution was not written to mandate the federal government to provide in times of need and so we want our federal government out of the welfare business.  That’s a state issue.
  7. We want government out of business pretty much altogether.  Their job in the beginning was national security…only.  Look how much power we’ve given them!  And now the federal government acts like it has power over everyone.  It shouldn’t.  It wasn’t designed that way.  That’s tyranny!

As you know, I could go on and on because there are so many violations happening these days and the difference between ideals is spreading further apart.  Consider this a very rough first draft.  But I had to write it down because I’m scared.  I’m scared because both parties, of late, have done much damage to our original purpose.  I don’t trust either party but forming another one does no good.  We’ve got to change the hearts and minds of those in power.  They’ve got to be convinced that the power we’ve given them doesn’t belong to them and it was a mistake to sit silently while they grabbed it a piece at a time.

Both sides can’t be right.  There is no middle ground these days.  It’s either socialism or freedom.  What are you?